• Courts can be reserved 48 hours in advance (reserving on Saturday for Monday, Sunday for Tuesday, etc.)
  • Courts will automatically open in the system at 8:30am Monday-Saturday and at 12:30pm on Sunday.
  • Please make sure you continue to provide the names of the members in your group. If bringing a guest, indicate that by checking the "Guest" box. We need to know who is on PRC property for liability purposes.
  • Check-in to the shop will be required to confirm court numbers and to let us know you have arrived. If shop is closed, there is an option to "check-in" remotely in the system by clicking on your reservation.
  • The maximum number of courts that a member can reserve is two courts. If more than two courts are required for your group, please make sure another member is booking the additional courts.
  • League matches will be placed in the system by staff. Captains, please continue to contact the shop to reserve courts for makeup matches.

Reserve Court