Pool Policies

The following rules and regulations are established for the health, welfare and safety of all members of the Petersburg Racquet Club (PRC) Pool and their guests.

("Management") of Petersburg Racquet Club has adopted the following rules and regulations as a condition of membership. Management reserves the right to change these rules and regulations at which time the membership will be notified.

The pool attendants are authorized to evict anyone violating or failing to comply with the regulations and to enforce such additional rules or regulations as may be necessary for proper, safe operation of the pool. Repeated infractions will be referred to Management. Management may suspend pool privileges for the violator and/or entire family as necessary. The pool attendant on duty shall act as a representative of Management and shall have the authority to enforce these regulations and to supervise the general conduct of the swimmers.

New/Updated Rules

  1. Individuals who have a fever or other symptoms of COVID-19 shall not enter. According to current CDC guidance, symptoms of COVID-19 may include cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fever, hills, muscle pain, sore throat, or new loss of taste or smell.

A. General

  1. Petersburg Racquet Club accepts no responsibility for loss of money or the loss of or damage to articles belonging to those using the pool.
  2. Smoking (tobacco and e-cigarettes) is prohibited on Petersburg Racquet Club property, walkways, wooded areas and parking lots.
  3. No pets are allowed in the pool enclosure.
  4. A gate keypad will be installed for entrance to the pool. Please do not give this combination out to non-members.
  5. Members will be given a pool tag at the beginning of the season and are expected to have their pool tag and sign in each visit. Members who are not current with their pool-only or tennis/pool membership fees will not be eligible to use the pool facility.
  6. Although alcoholic beverages are not specifically excluded in the pool area, consumption should be inconspicuous as to not offend those members who do not consume alcohol. Any member who appears to be under the influence of alcohol or other substances which have a detrimental effect on pool safety and environment will be removed from the pool area.
  7. Tampering with or defacing Petersburg Racquet Club Pool property or equipment is prohibited. Property damage will be charged to the responsible member. In addition, pool privileges may be suspended or revoked.
  8. Parents, whether present or not, are responsible for the conduct of their children and children's guests using Petersburg Racquet Club Pool.
  9. When pool attendants are on duty, ten minutes of each hour will be set aside for adult swimming and children's (under the age of eighteen) rest period. This includes the wading pool. Parents should take advantage of this time to encourage children to use the restroom facilities so as not to pose a potential sanitary problem in the swimming pool.
  10. A public telephone is available for use by members of the pool. The phone is available for local calls only, and should be used primarily for emergency purposes. Members should limit the time spent on the phone and no loitering, lingering or excessive use of the phone will be authorized. Pool staff will not answer the phone, or page pool patrons to come to the phone unless a significant emergency prevails.
  11. Loud, boisterous, or profane language will not be permitted in the pool area. Such behavior may result in removal or suspension of pool privileges and loss of membership dues.
  12. Members using pool during “Swim at Your Own Risk” will comply with all the rules and regulations of the pool. Members will not allow non-members to enter pool. Members must be at least 13 years and older to use pool without Adult supervision. Unaccompanied members 13 and older must pass a swim test.
  13. Members are expected to clean up any trash in their area and dispose of it properly when they leave.
  14. With the exception of PRC staff and swim team, the pool gate shall not be propped open. Violation of this policy my result in removal or suspension of pool privileges and loss of membership dues.
  15. Only PRC staff and pool attendants are allowed in the pump house or pool attendant shack.

B. Guests

  1. All guests must register and be accompanied by a Petersburg Racquet Club member.
  2. Children 18 and under are allowed no more than three guests. Adult members are allowed no more than five guests. More than five guests will constitute a party and will need to be approved in advance by the Pool Manager.
  3. Out-of-town house guests are welcome when registered by an adult member. There will be no charge for out-of-town house guests. “Out of Town” is 50 miles or more from Augusta. An adult member must register out-of-town house guests first. Children 18 and under will not be allowed to bring house guests at no charge, unless their parents have registered them first.
  4. Local guests will be charged a $5.00 guest fee, which will be collected upon sign-in. Guest fees must be paid by cash or check. No charging will be allowed.
  5. Local guests are limited to two visits per month.
  6. Guests are subject to all rules and regulations that apply to members.
  7. Conduct of guests is the direct responsibility of the member who sponsors them.
  8. Guests age thirteen and under must conform to rules D-1 and D-2.

C. Health and Safety

  1. Only persons in swimming attire are permitted in the pool. No cut-offs are allowed (loose threads damage the filter system). Male swimmers must wear swimming trunks, as required by Columbia County law.
  2. No running, pushing, horseplay or causing undue disturbance is permitted in or around the pool.
  3. No sitting or hanging on the lifeline is permitted.
  4. No glass containers of any kind are permitted inside the pool area.
  5. No unnecessary conversation with or loitering around the pool attendant on duty is permitted.
  6. Babies wearing diapers must wear swim diapers. We recommend Happy Nappy or i play resuable swim diapers. Disposable diapers are not allowed in the wading pool (disposable diapers disintegrate and damage the filter system). Parents are requested to dispose of diapers at home and not in the pool trash containers.
  7. Members are expected to not use the pool when they are ill, have an infection of any type, have an open wound or are wearing a waterproof bandage or Band-Aid.
  8. Climbing on fencing is prohibited.
  9. To ensure the safety of all pool participants, the pool staff reserves the right to close the pool in case of lightning, thunder or heavy rain. The reopening of the facility will be left to the discretion of the pool attendant on duty.
    1. If lightning is seen or thunder heard, please exit the pool for 30 minutes. Every time lightning strikes or thunder is heard, it is 30 minutes from that moment.
    2. Members are to exit the water; Georgia law also dictates exiting the pool area. In other words, sitting under an umbrella or on the diving board is not safe during a thunderstorm. If you are seeking shelter, it should be under the cover by the bathrooms or in your vehicle.
    3. PRC has a safety horn at the shop to use for the courts, as well as the pool. There is also a siren attached to the cameras. Please listen for those sounds, indicating inclement weather.
  10. In the case of a fecal incident, the pool will close for a 12-hour cycle. Any decisions regarding pool closing will be made by the pool manager or PRC management.
  11. Persons under 18 years of age must not leave the pool area until departing the premises, except in emergency situations.

D. Swimming Pool

  1. Children age twelve and under must be accompanied by their parents or a designated guardian (see section G) at all times.
  2. A swimming proficiency test will be given by a pool attendant, or other authorized person, to all children under age thirteen who desire to enter the pool area during tennis camp. This swimming proficiency test must be passed before any child under age thirteen is allowed to swim without a parent or designated guardian present during tennis camp. The same applies to all guests.
  3. Radios may be used at a low volume setting.
  4. Health Department regulations prohibit the eating of food in the pool area except for designated areas. The Petersburg Racquet Club designated areas are the large grass section of the pool area on the south end and the covered area adjacent to the wading pool. Chewing gum is not authorized in any area of the pool.
  5. Swimming equipment including swim fins, goggles, masks, snorkels, air mattresses, tubes, etc., will be allowed at the discretion of the pool attendant on duty, depending on the number of people using the pool. Water guns, hard projectiles, or other equipment which can cause injury or general pool disruption will not be authorized in the pool at any time.
  6. Items left in Lost and Found after 10 days will either be disposed of or given away.

E. Wading Pool

  1. A parent or designated guardian must be in the wading pool area when a child is using the wading pool. The parent or the designated guardian, not the pool attendant on duty, is responsible for the safety and conduct of the child.
  2. Only children six years of age and younger may use the wading pool.
  3. Metal and rigid plastic toys are not allowed in the wading pool.
  4. Disposable diapers are not allowed in the wading pool.

F. Restrooms

  1. Members are requested to help keep restroom facilities clean. Do not flush any foreign articles such as sanitary napkins, disposable diapers or paper towels.
  2. Clean up of graffiti or other defacement is an unnecessary expense that will be borne by the responsible party and may result in the suspension or termination of pool privileges.
  3. Faulty plumbing is to be reported to the pool attendant on duty.
  4. All trash is to be disposed of in trash containers or proper recycling cans.

G. Designated Guardians

  1. Designated guardians must be fourteen years of age or older and registered with the Petersburg Racquet Club Pool. There is no guest fee charge for a designated guardian as long as the member parents submit a signed letter of permission. Letters will be kept on file at the PRC Pro Shop.
  2. Temporary baby-sitters who are not members of the pool will be required to sign-in as a guest (at no charge) and must have a written permission slip from the member parents.
  3. All baby-sitters are subject to all rules that apply to members.
  4. Conduct of baby-sitters is the direct responsibility of the member who sponsors them.

H. Pool Parties

Please click here for information on pool parties.