Junior Academy - School Clinics

Play Program

This program is about teaching kids to PLAY tennis in a TEAM environment and have FUN while they learn. Our emphasis is on simplifying both the game and the way we teach so kids can enjoy tennis from the very beginning.

All clinics will include both athletic and tennis skill development, in addition to game play and character development. Classes will utilize modified courts and equipment to maximize the learning process.

Pee Wees (ages 4-5)

  • This group is for youngsters who want to learn the basics of tennis in a fun, engaging atmosphere. Our Pee Wee program emphasizes development of athletic and tennis skills to lay the foundation for future success.
  • Tuesday and Thursday, 4:30 - 5:15 pm

Quick Start (ages 6-8)

  • This class is about FUN and FUNdamentals where all players will learn how to serve, rally and score using modified courts and equipment. The goal is to move on to PRC Play Days, local league, or just playing for the FUN of it!
  • Monday and Wednesday, 4:30 - 5:30 pm

Play (ages 8 and up)

  • This group is about learning how to play the game in a TEAM environment, with a focus on developing skills, building confidence, and making new friends. These players can participate in PRC Play Days, local league or just play socially.
  • Note: 8-year-olds must be approved by the director of tennis
  • Monday and Wednesday, 5:30 - 6:30 pm
    • Play 1 (ages 8-10)
    • Play 2 (ages 11 and up): for older players who are newer to the game

Play+ (ages 10 and up)

  • The focus is on learning more advanced skills and tactics to become more competent and confident. Players are participating in league and/or school tennis with an emphasis on singles and doubles.
  • Note: 10-year-olds must be approved by the director of tennis
  • Tuesday and Thursday, 5:00 - 6:30 pm

Performance Program

This program is for year-round players who are committed to improving all aspects of their game. All participants are actively playing tournaments and are either ranked or getting their first ranking. Players take part in private and group lessons, independent practice, and off-court conditioning. Acceptance into the Performance Group is left to the discretion of the director of tennis.

  • ages 10 and up
  • Tuesday and Thursday, 4:30 - 6:30 pm

2021-2022 Sessions

** For last-minute changes, such as weather-related postponements or delays, sign up for Remind 101 by texting the following to 81010:
  • Pee Wees: @prcpw
  • Quick Start: @prcqs
  • Play: @prcplay
  • Play +: @playplus
  • High Performance: @prchp
You can also check the PRC Facebook page.



August 9 - September 18
September 20 - October 30
November 1 - December 18 (no clinic November 22-26)
January 3 – February 12 (no Pee Wees)
February 14 – March 26
March 28 – May 14

If a clinic is canceled due to inclement weather or any other reason, parents will be notified of the make-up day. Extra instructors will be used to accommodate larger groups.

2021-2022 Fees

Starting January 1, 2022, the pre-pay rate for school clinics must be paid in the first two weeks of the new session; otherwise, the daily rate will be charged.

Pee Wees
Quick Start & Play
Play +
High Performance

Pee Wees
Quick Start & Play
Play +
High Performance

Session - 2 days/week


Session - 1 day/week





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