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PRC Performance Program

PRC Performance Program

This program includes PRC Performance and High Performance. All kids are playing year-round competitive tennis and are committed to improving all aspects of their game. Acceptance into these groups is based on professional staff approval.

PRC Performance

This group is for kids Ages 9-16 who are actively playing tournaments, school tennis, and Junior Team Tennis. This group meets Monday/Wednesday 6:30-8:00 p.m.

  • Performance 1: these players are learning to play in all game situations and utilize multiple tactics. Focus is on developing topspin groundstrokes, introducing the slice, and refining continental grip skills for net play and serves. Players are now required to have independent practice and an increased tournament commitment.
  • Performance 2: this group is able to play in all game situations and is refining their technical skills to apply in tactical situations. Players are competent with different spins on groundstrokes and serves, but lack consistency. Net play and transition still need refinement. Players are required to have a basic off-court conditioning program, increased independent practice and tournament play.

High School Performance (HSP)

This clinic is for High School age tennis players who are either playing High School tennis or trying out for the first time. Clinic participants are able to serve, rally, keep score, and play from both the baseline and the net. The purpose of this clinic is to prepare players for their High School and JTT teams, and have the opportunity to train with other players their same age and level. There will be an equal focus on singles and doubles, and the required skills to be successful at both. This clinic will run for the first 4 sessions of the year. This group meets on Tuesday, 6:30 - 7:30 pm.

High Performance

This group is for kids ages 10-18 who are playing tournaments year-round and are either ranked or getting their first ranking. Players are incorporating a yearly developmental plan that includes private and group lessons, on and off-court conditioning, independent practice, and tournament play. This group meets Tuesday/Thursday 4:30-6:30 p.m.

  • High Performance 1: these players are able to play in all game situations and apply all 5 basic tactics. Work is still needed for ball control in the area of depth, spin, and power. Physical focus is on strengthening core, dynamic balance, and agility.
  • High Performance 2: these players are proficient in all areas of the game. Major focus is on transition game and serve/return. Physical emphasis is on overall strength, dynamic balance, speed, and agility. All players are competing at a sectional level or higher and working towards playing college tennis. This group meets Wednesday 4:30-6:30, in addition to Tuesday/Thursday

Mission Statement

To develop the Whole Child – focus on an all-around person and complete tennis game.

Core Values

  1. Discipline
  2. Effort
  3. Academics
  4. Sportsmanship


✔ Practice and Play At, Above and Below your level.

  • Practice with a variety of levels so you can play defense, offense, and learn to battle.
  • Play tournaments where you are expected to win some matches, almost all matches, or thankful to win one match.
  • Experience intense pressure, low pressure, and in between.

✔ Focus on Improvement first, then Performance, then Results.

  • Improvement is a Practice Focus. Focus is on skill acquisition, skill refinement, and skill application.
  • Performance is a Playing Focus. Goal is to continually improve the level of performance, not focus on results.

✔ Keep the Balance between tennis, academics and family.

  • Academics are the first priority and the main vehicle for college acceptance.
  • Must have respect for family priorities that in intervals, will take precedence over all tennis activities.
  • Tennis is the third most important aspect of the child’s life after academics and family commitments.

✔ Teach Life Skills Through Tennis

  • Honesty and Integrity are the foundations for life and tennis.
  • Hard work is the number one prescription for success.
  • Take responsibility for all of your actions.
  • Do the right thing, no shortcuts, for long-term success.

How will your child progress?

Our #1 priority at PRC is to teach your child how to actually PLAY tennis and have FUN doing it. To make the game easier for young kids and beginners, we use slower balls, smaller courts, and the appropriate size racket.

Within every class, we conduct skills testing at least once per six week session. The purpose of the skills test is to give the parent and child an idea of how they are progressing and create objective goals for the children. Players will be tested on serves, groundstrokes and volleys. Before players can move up to the next size court and ball, they must be proficient in these three areas.

As for progressing to a higher group, there are several factors involved. When a child is the appropriate age, they will be moved automatically. The following criteria are considered when moving a younger child to a higher clinic or progressing within the same clinic:

  1. They must have the proper skills. This is done through skills tests and observation of point play.
  2. They must have participated in the required play opportunities.
  3. They must be mature enough to handle being with older kids.
Group Movement Min. Age Skills Play Experience
PRC Performance 1 to 2   ✔ Able to play in all 5 game situations.
✔ Capable of using a continental grip on backhand groundstroke, volleys and serve.
✔ Can hit topspin and slice on both groundstrokes.
✔ Have met requirements for independent practice.
✔ Able to rally 50 groundstrokes in a row without a miss.
✔ Must pass Performance 1 physical fitness requirements.
✔ Must have played a minimum of 3 seasons of JTT and regularly attended Super Saturday events.
✔ Must have played a minimum of 6 tournaments.
✔ Positioned in the top half of the Performance Group standings list.
Performance 2 to High Performance 1
(Different clinic and time)
10 ✔ Must be a member of PRC.
✔ Able to play in all 5 game situations with 5 basic tactics.
✔ Consistently use a continental grip on backhand groundstroke, volleys and serve.
✔ Able to hit consistent topspin and slice on both groundstrokes with acceptable technique.
✔ Able to rally 100 groundstrokes in a row without a miss.
✔ Must pass Performance 2 physical fitness requirements.
✔ Regularly taking private lessons
✔ Must have played a minimum of 8 tournaments and traveled outside of Augusta area. 
✔ Regularly attended Super Saturday.
✔ Currently has or is working on a state ranking.
✔ Competitive with the bottom third of High Performance 1.
High Performance 1 to 2 12 ✔ All players in this group must be proficient with all aspects of the game - game situations, tactics, and controls of the ball.
✔ Must exhibit an exemplary attitude towards training and competing. 
✔ Able to handle high levels of physical conditioning.
✔ Must be a full-time student of PRC (Clinic and Private Lessons).
✔ Currently playing and ranked at the Southern level.
✔ Working towards playing college tennis at Division I, II, or III level.
✔ Positioned in the Top 25% of the High Performance Group standings list.
✔ Must attend at least one HP 1 clinic per week in order to participate in the HP 2 clinic. 

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