Membership and Rates

Tennis Membership

(includes tennis and swim)
Initiation: Single - $125
Family - $150
Junior * - $100
Senior Single * - $100
No Initiation: Pay for six (6) months dues in advance; initiation is waived.
Monthly rates:  
Junior * $90/month
Senior Single * $90/month
Single: $110/month
Family: $135/month
* Junior is 18 and under, Senior is 62 or older.
Lesson rates: Members Non-members
Josh Banks $50/hour, $25/half hour $65/hour, $32.50/half hour
Siggy Menzel $50/hour, $25/half hour $65/hour, $32.50/half hour
Viet Nguyen $40/hour, $20/half hour $48/hour, $24/half hour
Alexis Ellis $30/hour, $15/half hour $39/hour, $19.50/half hour
** Non-members must provide proof of payment prior to participating in clinics or private lessons.

Pool-Only Membership

(includes member rates on camps, clinics and lessons during the summer and upcoming school year, but does not include court time)

No initiation fee: $475/summer (family or single rate)

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